“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness...” Galatians 5:22-23

About Kindness of Many

Kindness of Many Christians is a work of Jesus Christ, which began in Concord, New Hampshire in the late 1970s as a ministry of “helps” and street evangelism. PC Johnson joined in 1978 a few months after the Lord called him into a formal study of the Great Commission. It gradually became a natural action-encouragement portion of the Matthew 28 Help Center, a Christian worldwide teaching organization.

We believe the “Concepts” of this Jesus’ led work have proven to be the most effective in recent history of the Christian church. So far, all who have engaged in an examination have come into agreement and have reached the same conclusions.

This ministry operated out of a Mission headquarters for over four decades. We are now moving our work into a new phase, and plan to follow Jesus and show how the concepts can develop into a worldwide work of joining all Christians together into one voice of love.

He is leading us to:

  • Unify all Christians into one voice of love
  • Bring His Light, His Peace, and His Love into every neighborhood in ever-spreading geographical areas.
  • Highlight and teach the concepts of How to follow Jesus in Encouragement, Prayer, Unity, Helps & Testimonies, and Walking in God’s ways.

Even if you don’t currently belong to a church, you can carry out these concepts. So, pray that someday soon our Lord will lead you to work with others in His name—as He sends His followers into the world in a work (Matthew 25:31-46) of “helps and testimonies” to the lost and the least. Hurting people then experience the Kindness of Many Christians.

Why Flowers?

Thank God for His Love and Hospitality. He sent Jesus to be our Savior and Lord, our Hope; and He created beautiful plants and flowers for us to enjoy— in subtle reflection of His ever-reaching Kindness. Each time we see and smell Flowers we are offered a reminder of His enormous Love for us.

Thank Him for letting you see the Truth in the beauty of His Righteousness, the splendor of His Majesty, the loveliness of His Holiness, and the personal touch of His Mercy and Grace—privileges empowered by the Holy Spirit to all who earnestly seek God’s heart.

When you think of Flowers, remember that Corrie ten Boom showed us how to react when someone appreciates our Kindness and actions of help. We tell them our personal story—and relate how our Beloved who sent us shares His comforting peace with us, and, if the opportunity arises, we explain why we lift a real or imagined bouquet of flowers to Him.

Examining God’s Concepts

The (now) 42-year Study has unveiled reasons why major portions of the Christian church have sometimes thrived and borne much fruit, and why there have been periods when a lot of churches failed to do so. It all traces back to understanding or misunderstanding God’s will, His ways, and His character—are you accurate in your assessment of His concept behind each facet? The Healing Set, these two websites, and our future-planned ongoing Documentary are focused on “How, What, and Why.”

Seeking Almighty God’s heart daily, in Christ, from your heart is at the center of our examination. We begin by looking at why and how events unfold to place each of us in such a wonderful position. We are engaged in a War for Souls, fighting spiritually, and in actions of Kindness, for people’s hearts. Let’s all become winners!

Our Heavenly Father is, always was, and always will be Love. We develop fear and respect and love for Him from our hearts, more and more, as our relationship with Him becomes increasingly intimate—through Christ in whom we live.

A series of primary circumstances of entering the transforming spiritual portal that places us in our blessed position in Christ, is one simple single reason for the Great Commission. The more we learn, the more we see God’s Love in the Power of the Cross. God’s Concepts that encompass a core of other reasons have stimulated, currently waiting, teams to form throughout the United States who have embraced the content of the Healing Set.

Here is a short list of some of the subjects in which all Christians need to come into agreement with Almighty God:

  • Seeking God’s heart from your heart.
  • Receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • Entering the spiritual portal to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • Living “in” Christ.
  • Relying on Christ (John 15:5).
  • Hearing Jesus’ voice daily (John 15:4).
  • The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
  • The Power Jesus talked about in Acts 1:8 is as active and available as it was in the early church; verified constantly through the years of His guidance of the Kindness of Many Christians. Please ask Jesus. He will tell you of the phenomenal presence of victorious Power in our work!
  • Understanding the Beauty of God’s Righteousness—how to live it and explain it.