“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness...” Galatians 5:22-23

Your Chance to do mighty works for God has not passed you by.

Why Flowers?

Thank God for His Love and Hospitality. He sent Jesus to be our Savior and our Hope, and He created beautiful plants and flowers for us to enjoy. Each time we see and smell Flowers we are reminded of His enormous Love for us. Thank Him for letting you see the Truth of the Bible and the beauty of His mercy and grace, a privilege empowered by the Holy Spirit to all who experience the new birth.

  When you think of Flowers, remember His Love. He created flowers for our pleasure, so we can experience His shared joy. He is so wonderful, we are allowed to serve Him by helping people in His name—living in His peace while spiritually bathing in the fullness of God’s Love (John 10:10). We are sent by Jesus to walk by the Spirit on a righteous path and accomplish mighty works in His strength.
  Corrie ten Boom showed us how to react when someone appreciates our kindness, mercy, love, and actions of help. We tell our story. Then we are allowed special time with our Beloved, and can lift a real or imagined bouquet of flowers to Him.
It is our staff’s intention to rotate pictures of flowers with pictures of Christians who want to join us and heal our land.

We Invite You To Join Us

Kindness of Many Christians is a work of Jesus Christ, which began in Concord, New Hampshire in the late 1970s as a ministry of “helps” and street evangelism. PC Johnson joined in 1978 a few months after the Lord called him into a formal study of the Great Commission. It gradually became a natural action-encouragement portion of the Matthew 28 Help Center, a Christian teaching organization.

  We invite you to join our Concert in Prayer for the Great Commission, and enjoy the beginning stages of gathering Christians into one voice of love. As time goes on, we hope and pray you will tell your friends about how individuals and whole church bodies can become part of this united work that brings Jesus’ Light into Neighborhoods.
  It is our belief that God has called us to be vessels of His love and kindness—He will lead us and empower us to bring the presence and peace of Jesus into hearts in towns and cities, and Heal Our Land. As an individual Christian, you can be part of Kindness of Many Christians by encouraging others to follow Jesus and be kind, and ask them to check out this website and join our Concert in Prayer.


Our Goals stem from following Jesus. Let’s look at two scriptures: Ephesians 1:3-14 and Matthew 28:18-20. Please read and meditate on this direction from God’s Word. It is clear that our King will lead us to share our faith and tell the true stories of our new birth and ongoing transformation, and make disciples of all nations. There will come a fullness of time, to unite all things under Christ, things in heaven and things on earth.

  May Jesus touch your seeking heart and light your path each day. May you hear Him clearly as He nurtures your faith and the indwelling Holy Spirit sooths your spirit. So many Christians have quit attending church because the leaders haven’t understood how to teach abundant living in Christ. May you join us as we group together—coordinated groups of men and groups of women launching works of “helps” and testimonies while following Jesus into neighborhoods.

Two Causes

For a time during the 1990s, Evelyn and I had dear friends who moved to Concord from the Bronx. Her mother was a kind-hearted soul who actually lived on a farm in the Bronx when she was little. They all joined us for “choich” on Sunday.

  The emphasis of that particular church was growth by reaching into the community with small groups in homes. It was a huge success for a while, then like most churches in our area, it all fell apart. Why? Secret, sinful activities crept behind the scenes unnoticed for too long, then erupted and brought pain to the people of the church.
  Though they are varied and seemingly dissimilar, most of the reasons why churches experience disruption and hurtful experiences can be traced to two causes. One: someone (or more than one) in leadership, lacks (or lack) the understanding of how to follow Jesus. Two: everyone underestimates the enemy. Nevertheless, right now I want to draw your attention to what can happen in a Healthy Church.

A Healthy Church

Start your day with your Savior the moment you awake. It’s your choice as a believer. You can live abundantly in Christ if you seek Him and learn to listen. This is the Way to abide in, and follow, your Savior (John 15:4-5). Each individual and each family needs to establish and enjoy the blessed activities of a healthy home church in fellowship with God and each other, with Jesus is at the helm. Let each day be blessed with First Hour Prayer. Serve God, serve others, and make disciples by owning the Element of Victory. Let Jesus lead you (and your family) to connect with a Healthy church.

  The Christ-like character you should find in a Healthy church will display God’s Love, Forgiveness, Righteousness, Praise-Thanksgiving Jesus-shared Joy, and Works of heart-felt Kindness. We offer teaching materials at the Matthew 28 Help Center that go over exact details.

Strategic Thinking

In my opinion, over the past 2,000 years, many church leaders have made mistakes, which have caused masses of Christians to stop attending church. The past 50 years have been especially challenging because there has been no cohesive effort, that amounted to anything, to expose the absence of unified Christian love.

  Though denominational leaders were not seen standing in front of other denomination headquarters hurling rocks and bricks at the buildings, it might have helped. It’s as if Christian leadership was so consumed with charging ahead with self-induced near misses, the population of the world assumed Christianity to be a conflicted, disjointed, judgmental, often angry, confused, sometimes murderous, religious organization with no central message. We can change that.
   Billions of people have no clue that Almighty God created them out of love or that He loves them so much He sent His only Son to suffer and die in atonement for their sins. All they have to do to receive abundant life in Christ (John 10:10), His Lordship on earth, and eternal life with God forever in Heaven, is seek Him with a repentant heart and confess (yield to) Him as Lord. The lost and the least haven’t heard the Truth. We can change that.
  Millions of Christians have just reasons to fear attending church. Too much of “church” activities is, and has been, directed and administered by men and women who deny God’s power, His love, His righteousness—they deny heart-felt praise of glory due to Him, and they forge ahead. Why? Because they deny ownership of the church to the rightful owner: Jesus. We can help change that.
   Overcoming Fear We now have a core group of pastors, lay leaders, and conscientious Christians who agree about all of this and have joined us. Jesus is in the lead, we are following, and we pray you will come with us to bring His Light into Neighborhoods and drive out darkness.
   Even if you currently don’t attend a church, we are talking to many leaders who want to help you serve from home or from a home group. We also want to remind you to be cautious and wise when reaching into neighborhoods, as many areas are not safe.

Where Did They Go?

Moses was the most humble man on earth when he led God’s people; he relied on and trusted God—miracles happened frequently. The Christian church is in a critical moment in time. Attendance continues to drop at an alarming rate. We can turn that around and easily reach new higher-than-ever levels. All we have to do is make a commitment to Jesus to follow Him from our hearts… and do it! 

  Where did they go? They gave up and found something else to do. Satisfaction and shared-by-Jesus joy in churches has been replaced by all kinds of activities that are not Jesus-led. Our society is in trouble because God’s values are being traded for fallen-humankind’s values. The word “civilized” is now being redefined by people who unknowingly live in bondage. The biggest two lies they believe are: 1. God doesn’t care about me. 2. Satan doesn’t exist.
   Let’s be humble and send repeated invitations to Christians who have quit attending on Sunday. In the future, if they serve and fellowship with our churches from a distance, it’s okay with me. Is it okay with you? Many pastors and lay leaders have expressed affirmatively, that this new way of looking at church, the Body of Christ worshiping and reaching out from church buildings, and from home-based elements of organized churches, has actually been His way all along. We are on a mission.

An Example, Not a Model

Jesus led me on a 40-year journey to  learn His goals for, and functions of, a healthy community church; one that is stable, enjoyable, and ministers effectively in neighborhoods on a long-term basis. Such a church has leaders who rely on Him to lead, it has integrated ministries, and it has members who own the Element of Victory and long to please the Father by seeking the desires of His heart. Our Lord recently led me to a church that satisfies these qualifications, and goes over the top to accentuate wonderful disciple-making efforts that celebrate many baptisms. I think of the Pastor as the “Disciple Maker.”

  The Man I call the Disciple Maker has become a friend. Though Jesus has now led me to develop friendships with many pastors, this one contacted me and shares a vision that many have talked about and want to try. Our Savior blessed each of us with the same theme in ideas of a Jesus-Led Church of Kindness—one that openly provides comfortable ways of up-close or at-a-distance home activities for those who yearn to tell others of God’s love. We can help Christians overcome fears of in-church hurtful experiences. If they want to join us to bring Jesus’ Light into Neighborhoods and Heal our Land, we welcome them to our ministry in special ways.
   On the Prayer Partner Churches page, we highlighted the Disciple Maker’s church, so you can see how he and his teams approach the idea of connecting Christians, who have stopped attending, to participate in a vibrant church body. They can do it from home. It is listed as an Example, not a Model that should be strictly used. It is meant to stimulate ideas in churches of how to approach the subject, thus your church can develop programs that match the personality of your unique church.

Helping and Telling

Christian men need to belong to men’s groups that coordinate activities with Christian women who belong to women’s groups. Both groups should plan outward-focused-love works of Kindness, and be sent by Jesus to serve their community with ministries of “helps” and testimonies. Each church needs to be connected to sister churches in their city—living out God’s Word, displaying one voice of love. 

  We pray for this work of Jesus to be victorious. Please join our Concert in Prayer for the Great Commission to reach every corner of the world. What does your corner look like?

The Spiritual War

Our enemy is triumphant too often, launching salvo after salvo trapping church bodies to be frightened and huddled, so as to become useless in the War for Souls. Our civilization is dangerously chaotic. It’s not safe to walk the streets, our schools are not safe, our jails and prisons are bursting with young men, news outlets and celebrities pump out fabricated stories that contribute to confusion and hatred and distrust. God’s values are scorned and put down by pervading (unaware) agents of Lucifer. Violence and lawlessness are so commonplace society is numb to, and even verbally cavalier about, the effects of evil—51 million little ones have been sent to the grave by serial professionals who proudly disavow the Bible.
  Most who are in conflict with God are carrying out sin with a passion and a “right” feeling—influencing others to be drawn into unchecked darkness—wreaking misery and pain and sorrow with a lure that promises short-term pleasure, worship of a person or persons or an ungodly principle in communal (high) exhilaration, a pension for justifying violence, and a thirst for irreverence. If we can’t effectively lead these people into a heart-surrendering relationship with Jesus, each one who denies His Lordship will burn in hell.

  We teach Christians how to win spiritual battles! God is calling us to rise up as one and follow Jesus—to bring His Peace and Presence and Righteousness into hearts—to bring His Light and Truth and Love and Kindness into your city.

Our King!

Jesus is assembling a powerful workforce. He is calling you and your church to join it. He will send you to tell of the Power of the Cross. He will couple you to other churches in your community to bring His Light into Neighborhoods and Heal our Land.
  Even if you don’t currently attend a church, our Lord is telling many Christian leaders, pastors, and thousands of Christians like me, that there are ways you can be connected to His workforce.

  The “back” story: In 1978 our precious Lord commissioned me into a work of varied circumstances. I had no idea it would be a 40-year study—but because I had a passion to write songs, note taking was an ongoing habit.
  Turbulence in the local church world was the most obvious impression hitting anyone who looked. Trying to get local pastors to speak with one voice of love and follow Jesus onto the streets was impossible. They were more interested in conflict, church splits, and self-reliance; not all of them, but most of them. By 1983 I tried to quit. All of it was very hard, so I tried to run away from God. My actions became a big “whoops” and it didn’t end well. Months later I returned to Him on my knees.
  Within two months of being back on track, I believe Jesus was showing me that the little mission I intermittently administrated from my home (named Kind at that time) was a vibrant, working, home church that affected society. I didn’t dare talk about it until editors uncovered the truth when I was involved in the later part of the writing process of the books. I was always afraid it sounded like I was being haughty. Nevertheless, Jesus has run the longest-lasting effective evangelistic church through this work, in New Hampshire, in modern history. Now He is expanding it!
  Jesus is drawing a wonderful ever-growing multidenominational talented group of Christians to work with us at the Help Center. All of us are in agreement about in-home connections. That’s why we have asked the Disciple Maker (Pastor Mark) to spell out details of his plans. You can evaluate and select procedures that could fit into your growth considerations.