“Something Good Is Happening”

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness…” Galatians 5:22-23

About Kindness of Many—Our Joyful Unity

Kindness of Many Christians is a work of Jesus Christ, which began in Concord, New Hampshire in the late 1970s with two Christian men and a pickup truck. In 1978, Jesus began leading PC Johnson in a formal study of the Great Commission. That same year, before the two men left the area, they showed Peter C. how to supplement street evangelism and church outreach with this way of displaying Jesus’ love to people—in an exciting mission work of “helps and testimonies.”

This growing ministry gradually became known as “Kind.” A few years later we started calling it Kindness of Many Christians. It is now a natural action-encouragement portion of the Matthew 28 Help Center, our worldwide teaching organization.


Following Jesus

We believe the “Concepts” of this Jesus-led work have proven to be some of the most effective in the history of the Christian church. So far, those who have investigated have reached the same conclusions and they have joined our united work of hands-on help and testimonies, and leading souls to be saved.

his ministry operated out of a Mission headquarters in Concord, NH for over four decades. We are now moving our work into a new phase, and plan to follow Jesus on the road and show how the concepts can develop into a worldwide work of joining all Christians together into one voice of love.

e is leading us to:

  • Unify all Christians into one voice of love
  • Bring His Light, His Peace, and His Love into every neighborhood in ever-spreading geographical areas.
  • Highlight and teach the concepts of How to follow Jesus in Encouragement Teams, Prayer, Unity, Helps & Testimonies, and Walking in God’s ways.
  • Begin an ongoing video Kindness of Many Christians Magazine. We are planning episodes that will show the joys of following Jesus while Healing our Land!

It’s Okay

Even if you don’t currently belong to a church, you can join us in prayer. Pray that someday soon our Lord will lead you to work with others in His name—as He sends His followers into the world in a work (Matthew 25:31-46) of “helps and testimonies” to the lost and the least. Hurting people then experience the love and Kindness of Many Christians. You can joyfully become a missionary in local missions!

Why Flowers?

Thank God for His Love and Hospitality. He sent Jesus to be our Savior and Lord, our Hope; and He created beautiful plants and flowers for us to enjoy in subtle reflection of His ever-reaching Kindness. Each time we see and smell Flowers we are offered a reminder of His enormous Love for us.

hank Him for letting you see the Truth in the beauty of His Righteousness, the splendor of His Majesty, the loveliness of His Holiness, and the personal touch of His Mercy and Grace—privileges empowered by the Holy Spirit to all who earnestly seek God’s heart.

hen you think of Flowers, remember that Corrie Ten Boom showed us how to react when someone appreciates our Kindness and actions of help. We tell them our personal story—and relate how our Beloved who sent us shares His comforting peace with us, and, if the opportunity arises, we explain why we lift a real or imagined bouquet of flowers to Him.


Healing Our Land

A personal note from Peter C.

Sensitive Social Issues: There used to be a subtle protocol of courtesy and respect in our speech patterns. Our open communication-pretext intentions began to change with the proliferation of television shows, especially news and politically motivated opinion broadcasts. When the Internet arrived, the closeness, emotion, mindset-understanding and respect thereof in personal conversations was negatively affected by a new ability to express opinions with little or no consequence. So, people began to realize they could lash out at groups of people in a new, and often, vile and nasty descriptive no-holds-barred language to stress how they felt. All this has brought a societal magnification of sensitive issues. It has also birthed an unfortunate license of acceptance, in our civilization, of combative speech patterns. Our Lord is sending us to bring His Peace into our conversations.

ensitive Personal Issues: Most of us go through periods when situations become hard to bear, and are often difficult to express. As well as personal problems and tragedies, our culture has been thrust into public exposure by social media in too many instances and into too many challenging topics, which demand personal reasoning and emotions. We have an enemy that is unseen, almost always not considered, and whose ploy is to stimulate anger and division. Let’s show our world how to have victory in Jesus and defeat Lucifer and his principalities of dark forces.

The Lady in the Lighthouse—on the coast of Maine

The Lady in the Lighthouse: Evelyn and I were in a lighthouse with a young lady who was interested in exploring more of them. She described one that she seen but didn’t know it was accessible. Since I grew up in the area and had been to it many times, I wanted to tell her the way.

s I started talking, I began to visualize the last time I made the walk. I was suddenly overtaken with a sensitive issue so powerfully it placed my thoughts into the lost-in-suffering fast strides I had experienced on that walk. At the time, we had just lost a dear friend in a tragedy. Then as abruptly as it happened on the walk, I was surprised to reach the last few feet of the path and look up. I blurted out the scene of the stretch of water and other lighthouse you see when you reach the end. The young lady had just told me the image. Unfortunately, the way I spoke may have been interpreted as belittling her words. I was embarrassed; it became an awkward moment. I hope and pray that she understood the respectful nature of my intentions.

e are living in a time when our Lord is offering us an opportunity to right the wrongs of the crude societal speech patterns of our recent past by approaching people with an attitude of kindness. Our conversations with everyone should be uplifting and respectful. A consistency in our listening and speaking displays the caring heart of Christ in us.

et’s touch souls with our positive countenance and desire to be joyful servants. We can bring the Truth and Light of Jesus into society and restore peaceful communication. Please consider joining us as we follow Jesus in His healing work of divine Love and Kindness.

A Rewarding and Satisfying Ministry

Our Kindness of Many Christians mission is focused on fulfilling the Great Commission in ways that reveal God’s Omnipresence and Majesty and Love. It is our passion to exalt Him! We move forward in Victory as we glorify our Savior! We believe this is the most rewarding and satisfying ministry that exists on earth.

ou can Learn Your Role in the Great Commission and Learn How to Reach your Highest Potential in our worldwide Teaching Center, the Matthew 28 Help Center. The teaching materials are inexpensive and the Course is free. The principles are the Result of a Jesus-led 42-Year Study. Learn how to follow Jesus in a close loving relationship that you never thought possible.

Thank you, Dianna

The Mission Center in Concord has been busy almost constantly since 1978, and at the new location since 1993. Except for a few short-term interruptions, we have been sending souls on works of “Helps and Testimonies” regularly and have enjoyed years of prayer meetings, baptisms, weddings, celebrations of life, and joyful interviews and suppers with missionaries and church people from near and far.

ianna has intermittently helped out as has been the case of many dedicated Christians. She led a life group for several years. She has now taken on the role of re-organizing and leading our Worldwide Concert in Prayer for the Great Commission.

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