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Hands-on Love

Jesus sent a man to minister to a small hurting flock. The church had been though a couple of splits over the previous decade and was limping along. The new pastor prepared a 20 minute sermon each week. However, during most services, about 10 minutes into the message he sensed that someone or more than one was having emotional struggles. He stopped the message and asked if any wanted prayer. In the beginning two or three came forward. He prayed for them from his heart and anointed each one with oil while the elders laid hands on them. As time went on, this anointing and laying-on-of-hands prayer gained momentum. Everyone had been hurting! The resulting healing had an effect on the whole community. Word got around. After two years, the church had been adding so many old members who had left, and new born again souls, it became larger than it ever had been.
  The pastor was called to lead a church in a different part of the country. His replacement heard about the special prayer time, but chose to make it a once-a-month ritual. Attendance declined, he was replaced, attendance declined more, another replacement lasted a year—the church closed.

  James 5:13-20 contains complex statements about leadership’s Hands-on Love, character, joy, work, outreach, and relationship nurturing—you will also see the spiritual flow of mercy, kindness, forgiveness, righteousness, sacrifice, cheerfulness, and wisdom each member of the congregation needs. Let Jesus guide you and the Holy Spirit will empower you into an enlightening investigation, as you seek to learn this vital knowledge of church fellowship, outward-focused love, and spiritual bonding. May your study encompasses several other related scriptures, and be richly blessed to include 1 Peter 4:8-11 and 1 Peter 5:1-5 in your reading.

A Victorious Heart Condition

The successful pastor in the true story above was motivated by owning the Element of Victory, a heart condition. Jesus’ Church is currently scattered and disjointed. We have to follow Him with our hearts with the attitude of breaking from man-made rules and theology that has caused hurtful church experiences, lack of fruit, ignorance of the affects of dark powers, and inward-focused principles that have pushed Christians to give up on church and leave in a state of despair.

  We need to find our brothers and sisters who don’t currently attend a church and show them welcoming love, kindness that extends an invitation to connect to our fellowships in new and different ways, and we have to tell them how important they are. Let’s seek together and our Lord will lead us to include these disciples in our outreach. It is my opinion that one new way He wants us to move forward is to train elder teams who make visits to home-based fellowships of varying types. Their mission is to anoint with oil and pray for this flock with heart-generated Hands-on Love.

Seeking Together

We have ambitious goals. It is our hope, our prayer, and our passion to help all Bible-believing churches unite into one voice of love, and bring Jesus’ Light into every neighborhood. His Light will overwhelmingly drive out darkness—it cannot stand against Him! As much as we have been working with colleagues to offer this coupled-in-love joining to Jesus’ workforce mindset, we have been pummeled with resistance; mostly by church leaders who have misunderstood our mission. Praise God, all that is changing! Be that as it may, we need your help and prayers. Let’s seek Jesus’ direction together in all we do. Without His guidance, nothing will be done correctly (John 15:4-5).

  Everything we do is transparent. Please pray that we won’t misstep; our business is God’s business, so we never want to be outside His will. We openly state that it is our job, in this War for Souls, to reach into every community and let church-attending and non-church-attending Christians know that they can join us.
  If you currently attend a Bible-believing church, we urge you to read our statements and join us as a prayer partner, if you are in agreement. We are not called to list individual prayer partners as Jesus wants us to urge everyone to be connected to a church body. He sent me on the road for 40 years to learn His love for His Bride, and to learn His love for the lost and the least. He kept telling me (not verbally, but with insight to apply): “The church, the church.” We need to show a doubting world that we follow Jesus Christ.
  If you currently don’t attend a Bible-believing church, we urge you to read our statements and join us as a prayer partner, if you are in agreement. Our Lord wants us to assure you: you are a loved and cherished person. We are working to provide ways for you to connect with a caring church body in your area. Then you can become part of a church, whether you attend on Sunday or worship and serve from home. Though we don’t currently have a way for individuals to be on any kind of list, please keep watching this site. Take a look at the Prayer Partnering churches and let us know your thoughts, also, if you have ideas about other ways to connect Christians who serve the Lord from home.


There is an ongoing raging spiritual that has an effect on every person on earth. It is mostly, and sadly, misunderstood. We need to examine the two biggest problems that plague the church. The first is lack of listening to Jesus, so as to follow Him in everything. The second is underestimating our enemy. I have a friend who consciously prays and preaches about these two issues. I call him the * “Disciple Maker.” Pastor Mark has uniquely made a difference in our overall thinking because he shows up and explains how to be victorious and win battles!

  We asked Pastor Mark to share his thoughts about connecting Christians, who have stopped going to church for various reasons, to become active church members who attend a Kindness of Many church or worship and serve from home.

Here are his thoughts:
  The pain of broken relationships and the deep hurts caused by church splits or church leaders, has left many Christians disengaged and disenfranchised from the church. My heart breaks knowing that people have given up on God’s plan “A” to push back the darkness and heal the pain caused by a broken world. All too often, the pain we are trying to leave behind finds us again inside the church. Personally, I have been hurt many times by church leaders; and in my past immaturity, I have caused pain to others. This should not be. The church should be a safe place to grow in a relationship with Jesus, and a place of comfort for all to be loved, accepted, and experience mercy, forgiveness, joy, and kindness.
  Church leaders must contend to protect the reputation of Jesus’ church. We are told, “It’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance” (Romans 2:4). As representatives of Jesus, we owe it to Him to have the church carry a “highest level” of kindness. When people feel safe and welcomed they are not distracted, so they allow Jesus into their hearts more fully and display His character of unconditional love. I have committed to be a Kindness of Many church Pastor—not perfect, but humble enough to own my mistakes and to strive to treat everyone with loving kindness. It is also important that we reach out to Christians who have quit attending, and verify His genuine love in us.

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Church bodies in agreement with our goals:

To follow Jesus and bring His Light into neighborhoods while representing Him with Love and Kindness.
New Hampshire:
Grace Capital Church *Disciple Maker
542 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, NH

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