Worldwide Concert In Prayer For The Great Commission

God can move mountains!

Thank You

This worldwide concert in prayer for The Great Commission began in the late 1970s. Thank you for joining us.

May God bless you—and keep you and your family in the palm of His Hand. Please pray that all Christians will respond to Jesus’ loving voice and join His workforce. Pray that we will faithfully follow Him and bring His marvelous Light into every neighborhood in every corner of the world.

Here are both sides of our “Hand Out.”
We hope to have it available for Christian
groups and churches soon.


You have been chosen to accomplish mighty works. Did you ever think you would ask Jesus what it means to pray without ceasing? Your time has come, you are a highest-valued person. He loves you so much He suffered a humiliating death on the Cross, naked, tortured—willing to shed His blood and die for you. You, like all of us who live in Him, are part of a people called out of darkness into His marvelous Light. I urge you to ask Him now, and focus on His guiding love for the rest of your life.

Jesus is calling us to unite into His workforce, to follow Him with one voice of love revealing the Truth to a lost world. He can rescue people from the bondage of sin, so they can become His Light on earth. We are called to stand against dark forces, in Him, as we clearly state our individual unique testimony of the process of our new birth, and tell of our transformed life. We explain that if you seek to surrender to Him with a repentant heart, and confesses your belief in Him to be Lord of your life, you can be forgiven and rescued. You can live in the peace of Jesus, the Kingdom of God will reign in your heart, and you can live forever in Heaven with God.

Lay It Down

Do you think you’re not good enough to represent Him each day? Do your iniquities overwhelm you? We all fall into that mindset. You need to learn how to overcome this obstacle. Make it your quest to live and serve without breaking fellowship with God. Practice makes (striving for being) perfect. We humans are not equipped to be perfect, we need to depend on our Lord every single day of our lives.

When you reflect on your most recent break with God’s fellowship, the sin that you just committed, lay it down. Come to your Father in the care and love of your Savior who will never forsake or leave you, and confess the stupid thing you did. For reasons known only to you and God, you slipped in your mindset and gave authority to thoughts that put a temporary wall blanking out: “how you relish His ways.” Lay it down at the feet of Jesus! Repent and show Almighty God you are going to make every effort to overcome this lust and future temptations of the like. Then know you are forgiven and your fellowship with God is restored. Be careful, don’t let this problem sear the quality of your walk. You laid it down from your heart, our Beloved’s blood washed it clean 2,000 years ago.

Pray that many hear and understand your message of kindness and Truth. May each one see that Jesus came to take them home!

God’s People

God’s people have always been in the palm of His hand when they sought to walk in His ways and seek the desires of His heart. Wonderful miracles happened and they enjoyed fruitful living and celebrated His enormous love and blessings. Negativity swept into the picture constantly because they yielded to darkness and rebelled. We look in the Bible and see how sad and horrifying things became during numerous periods when His people adopted the culture of God haters. Look at Ezekiel 22, 21, and 22. Israel’s habits became so wretched they shed innocent blood, mimicked their neighbors and worshiped idols, lavished in perverted lewd sexual practices, despised God’s holy elements, profaned His Sabbaths, and even murdered their own children. They completely lost their identity as God’s people. The negativity of Satan’s rebellion brought them down; wrath ensued!


Pray that a day of reckoning is here, that God’s people will fall on holy knees and seek to live in God’s ways and righteousness. Negativity is swirling about and has taken over too much of our culture because our enemy is misunderstood. God’s ways and righteousness are viciously attacked in a society that hates Him. This mantra, this against-the-God-of-Jacob unholy diatribe, is carried out by people who are unaware of the spiritual war we fight, but who unknowingly surrender their souls to Satan.

Pray that many who believe in Christ, but are ignorant of the reality of the new birth, will seek the Truth. They can’t see that we are in a battle against the principalities of unseen evil, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. The new civilized “normal” is currently controlled by unknowing agents of Lucifer. Pray that our kindness will break through, that each one will seek Jesus—discernment from Him will show them the Way. Then they will see God’s Love.

Positive thinking and prayer are generated by walking in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-24)! We overcome negativity and evil when God’s hand is involved. Jesus is our King, our Victory! We must take our stand in Him and do our very best to please and trust God. Let’s stand in Christ as one and His Light will begin to shine everywhere we unite—darkness will flee!

Pray for your neighbors, pray for your friends, pray for everyone to humble themselves and seek a relationship with Almighty God through His Son. He is here to heal our land, one soul at a time, and take us home!